Programme and Module Catalogue

Programme and Module Catalogue


Welcome to the University of Hull's on-line Programme and Module catalogue.

From this page you can access the Module or Programme specification, which includes such things as an indication of the module's content, the intended learning outcomes of the Programme, and the teaching and assessment strategies deployed in its delivery.

By selecting the relevant department, academic session and type of course, you will be presented with a hit list of links matching the selection criteria. Optionally, you may specify part, or all, of the course code (if known) to further refine the matches returned.

A single keyword search against Programme or Module Title is also available, to further refine searches against the other selected criteria.

Course details for modules are in the form of the module specification, which outlines the module's aims and objectives, and gives an indication of such things as the assessment mechanism, the semester of delivery and so on. In the case of Programmes, the information is split into a Programme Specification and a Programme Structure - the two are linked to one another to allow convenient navigation, and the Programme Structure contains links to contributing modules.

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